Finding out about Ocean park: Overview Note


Students match pictures of Ocean Park attractions with words. They then organise words and phrases into groups which refer to the attractions and make notes in a table of information. They look at an information sheet to gather further facts in order to complete the table. Finally, they use their knowledge of the topic to read, check and correct a poster about Ocean Park.


1. To build and enrich students' vocabulary related to the topic of leisure and entertainment. Example
2. To encourage students to scan Glossary in order to locate specific information.
3. To give students practice in making notes. Theory
4. To give students practice in editing a text. Theory

Language focus

Vocabulary: Animals Example
Amusement park rides Example
Grammar: Using adverb groups to describe how things move Example
Using verbs to express movement Example
Using modals to talk about ability and possibility Example
Using adjectives to describe animals and rides Example
Text types: Leaflets

Learning targets

Students will be developing language skills that are needed to:

Knowledge dimension: Present and organise information
Interpersonal dimension: Exchange information


1. Matching pictures and words - Whole-class and individual work
2. Vocabulary building - Whole-class and group work
3. Completing a table of information - Group work
4. Correcting a poster - Individual and pair work